Why Use a Blackjack Strategy Chart

Playing by basic strategy without any deviations from basic strategy reduces the house advantage to around one percent. This makes blackjack a very winnable casino game for the player. This is why every blackjack player should take the time to learn basic strategy. This may mean sitting there and memorizing the chart for the version he is playing. This may also mean playing at a free site till the player learns the strategy. The more the player practices, the better he will become at the bingo game and the more the play bingo online according to strategy will become second nature. The player should find a place where he can practice playing according to strategy. It is probably best that the player find a free site where he can learn without losing a lot of his money and this is why free sites are so good.

Blackjack players should play with the strategy chart next to them until they learn the strategy well enough that they don’t need the chart. Blackjack strategy charts can be found on almost every website that has anything to do with blackjack. These charts are the result of thousands of computer simulations that considered every possible combination of dealer hand and player hand and determined the statistically best move for the player in each situation. This doesn’t mean that the player is guaranteed to win every hand when he plays by strategy. What it does mean is that when he plays by strategy he makes the statistically most favorable move.

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