What You Need to Play Bingo

Most bingo players have their own chips and wands, and some have multiple sets in different colors. Players don’t have to have magnetic chips but many do because it is much easier to clear the cards with a wand after a game than it is to clear the cards by hand. Daubers complete the list of supplies that players usually carry. They come in different colors also. Players also have some sort of tote bag to carry their bingo free game supplies in. The online player doesn’t have to worry about any of this. She just needs a personal computer and the site’s software, which may or may not require a download.

Bingo is a game that attracts many players, some of them first time players. What does the player need to play bingo? Basically nothing but the money that it costs. Most bingo yahoo halls supply some kind of markers for use by players. All players have to buy cards. They buy the number of cards that are financially and physically comfortable for them to play. Many times the special games require special cards that the floor workers will see before the bingo game. If you want to play multiple cards, you might want to bring a glue stick and some scotch tape. People usually glue the cards into a big square or rectangle and then tape it to the table so the cards don’t slide around during the games. This makes it easier to remove the chips.

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