The Hope for US Players

They must register as for fun players which rule them out of the competitions. Some sites still accept U.S. players as real money players. Many bingo online establishments have announced that they are waiting for the regulations to be published before taking any action. Players may find themselves cut off one day after the publication of the regulations. Bingo is included in the UIGEA because bingo is a form of gambling, falling into the classification of a lottery style casino game. The outlook for U.S. bingo players is not good even with a movement underway to repeal UIGEA. When the regulations are published, many U.S. players will find themselves without online bingo playing sites and looking for a place to play.

U.S. players have always been big UK bingo players at both online and land-based sites. U.S. bingo players like other U.S. online gamblers were very happy with their online situation until October 2006 when the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act was passed. This law prevents the financial institutions from processing the transaction between U.S. players and their internet gambling company. The immediate effect was for the stock exchange listed gambling companies and others to depart from the U.S. market. Since then many online sites have ceased to allow U.S. players and some are blocking I.P.s from the United States. Some sites still accept U.S. players but not as real money players. If they allow U.S. players to play on their site, they cannot play for real money.

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