The British Game

There are no letters printed on the tickets, only numbers. The vertical columns have the following numerical ranges: the first has one through ten; the second has eleven through twenty; the third has twenty-one through thirty; the fourth has thirty-one through forty; the fifth has forty-one through fifty; the sixth has fifty-one through sixty; the seventh has sixty-one through seventy; the eighth has seventy-one through eighty; and the ninth has eighty-one through ninety. A regular best online casino game of bingo is for one line; specials games consist or two or three lines with the coverall being known as a full house called housie. The players mark the numbers as they are called by the free bingo caller to make the required pattern.

The game of free online bingo game began with the Lo Giucco del Lotto D’Italia or Italian National Lottery in the sixteenth century. The popularity of the game led to its spread across the Continent and in the United Kingdom the game became based on ninety numbers played on tickets that are nine vertical columns by three rows with five numbers in each row. The tickets come in single books or in multiple books. The single book has ten tickets, one ticket in each of the following colors: gold, lime, violet, yellow, pink, grey, orange, blue, red and white. Different colored tickets are used for different games. The multiple book has six cards of each color for a total of sixty tickets. Players can also buy a single sheet of six cards which is called a flyer.

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