The Bingo Tournament

The fact that players play different numbers of cards/tickets means that they don’t all have an equal chance of having the winners. The greater the number of cards/tickets, the greater the chance of winning. The advantage of playing in a internet bingo tournament is that all players have the same number of cards/tickets. The player pays a buy-in and a fee. The buy-in becomes a part of the prize pool and entitles each player to a specified number of cards for the period of the tournament, which is usually a set number of games. The winner of the tournament is the player who scores the highest number of points for wins during the period of game play. Tournament play means each player has the same opportunity to win.

Most bingo game players have never heard of bingo tournaments unless they have played the game in Las Vegas or in an online environment. They travel to their local land-based bingo free game hall, play for the proscribed session and buy as many cards/tickets as they can financially and physically play. In the game of bingo where the number selection is an independent random event, the selection of every number is independent of the selection of every other number. This means that each number has the same chance of being selected as every other number does and that the game of bingo is a fair game. This also means that every card/ticket has the same chance of having the winning numbers as does every other card/ticket and that the player can increase her chances of winning by increasing her card/ticket purchases.

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